The County Sheriffs of Colorado have started their annual membership drive.Many local resident of Morgan County may have already received a letter from this organization with my name on it. This is the only organization of this kind that my office and I are a members of.

Your membership in the County Sheriffs of Colorado, allows us the opportunity to provide a scholarship every other year to a local graduating senior from Morgan County. Last year, we not only awarded a graduating senior a $500.00 scholarship; but the recipient also received the overall County Sheriffs of Colorado scholarship and was awarded an additional $1,000.00 in scholarship funds.
Additionally, your membership assists in providing training within the law enforcement community throughout the state. It also allows us the ability to have a voice at the State Capitol during the legislative session.
If you receive this letter with my signature on it, it is not a scam. The County Sheriffs of Colorado is a legitimate organization with legitimate purpose.




State launches COVID-19 vaccine informational campaign

REMOTE, (Jan. 18, 2021): Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) launched the “Get the COVID-19 Vaccine Facts” campaign today to convey that the COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective.  The campaign reinforces that Coloradans should rely on CDPHE and other reliable sources for information about the vaccines. State officials ask Coloradans to “get the facts” on the COVID-19 vaccines, so they are ready when it is their turn. The launch comes at a pivotal time, as more people are able to get the COVID-19 vaccine, according to the state’s distribution process. 

The campaign features some of Colorado’s top medical professionals and health advocates from diverse backgrounds talking about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine.

“With the distribution of COVID-19 vaccines underway, we know people have questions, and it’s crucial to reach as many Coloradans as possible with fact-based information.  When it’s your turn to be vaccinated, we want you to be ready,” said CDPHE Executive Director Jill Hunsaker Ryan.

The campaign will build awareness of where to access trusted sources of information on the vaccine, with an additional focus on Colorado’s communities that have been disproportionately impacted by this pandemic, including those aged 70 and over, and Black, Hispanic/Latino, American Indian, and Asian Pacific Islander Coloradans. 

A critical part of the campaign will be the involvement of community influencers, including medical professionals and community leaders, throughout the state from diverse backgrounds of many races, nationalities, ages, genders, abilities, and more. In conjunction with more traditional media efforts, influencers will ensure the broad reach of the campaign. 

As more people get vaccinated, Dr. Rachel Herlihy, state epidemiologist, stressed the importance of continuing to follow public health protocols, wearing your mask, and keeping your distance. 

“We can’t let up now. It’s important to continue to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19 until a large portion of Coloradans have been vaccinated,” said Dr. Herlihy. 

Get the COVID-19 Facts campaign will run statewide through March 31. To share messages from the Get the COVID-19 Facts campaign, like and follow CDPHE on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

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El estado lanza una campaña informativa sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19

REMOTO, (18 de enero de 2021): El Departamento de Salud Pública y Medio Ambiente de Colorado (CDPHE, por sus siglas en inglés) lanzó el día de hoy la campaña “Obtén información confiable sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19” para comunicar que las vacunas contra el COVID-19 son seguras y efectivas. La campaña reafirma que los habitantes de Colorado deben contar con el CDPHE y otras fuentes confiables para informarse sobre las vacunas. Oficiales estatales les piden a los habitantes de Colorado que “obtengan la información” sobre las vacunas contra el COVID-19, para que estén preparados cuando les llegue su turno. El lanzamiento llega en un momento decisivo a medida que más personas pueden recibir la vacuna contra el COVID-19, de acuerdo al proceso de distribución del estado.

La campaña presenta a algunos de los profesionales médicos y defensores de la salud más destacados de Colorado. Estos profesionales provienen de diversos orígenes y hablan sobre la seguridad y efectividad de la vacuna.  

“Con la distribución de la vacuna contra el COVID-19 en progreso, sabemos que las personas tienen preguntas y es crucial llegar a tantos habitantes de Colorado como sea posible, con información basada en los hechos. Cuando sea su turno para vacunarse, queremos que esté preparado”, dijo Jill Hunsaker, Directora Ejecutiva del CDPHE.

La campaña creará conciencia sobre dónde acceder a fuentes confiables de información sobre la vacuna, con un enfoque adicional en las comunidades de Colorado que han sido impactadas de manera desproporcionada por esta pandemia, incluyendo a las personas de 70 años de edad y mayores, y a los habitantes de Colorado de origen afroamericano, hispano/latino, indígena americano e isleño del pacifico asiático.

Una parte crítica de la campaña será la participación de personas con influencia en la comunidad, incluyendo a profesionales médicos y líderes comunitarios provenientes de todo el estado y de diversos orígenes, razas, nacionalidades, edades, géneros, habilidades y más.  En conjunto con esfuerzos de los medios más tradicionales, las personas con influencia asegurarán el alcance amplio de la campaña.

La Dr. Rachel Herlihy, epidemióloga del estado, hizo hincapié en que mientras más personas se vacunen, es importante continuar siguiendo los protocolos de salud pública, el uso del tapabocas y mantener su distancia.  

“No podemos relajarnos ahora. Es importante continuar protegiéndose a sí mismo y a su familia del COVID-19 hasta que una gran cantidad de habitantes de Colorado hayan sido vacunados”, dijo la Dr. Herlihy. 

La campaña “Obtén información confiable sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19” será distribuida por todo el estado hasta el 31 de marzo. Para compartir mensajes de la campaña “Obtén información confiable sobre la vacuna contra el COVID-19”, siga los sitios del CDPHE en Facebook, Twitter, o Instagram

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Date: 4/29/2020

Ref: Updated Covid-19 response

Starting May 4, 2020 the Washington County Sheriff’s Office will once again perform certain tasks that were placed on hold last month in response to the Covid-19 outbreak.  We will require that an appointment is made with at least 24hours notice, and can only be made Monday through Friday (8am-4:30pm).  Our office will still remain closed to the public at this point.  Please call us at 970-345-6865 to make an appointment.  (Appointments will be between 9am to 3:30pm)

At this time only the following will be permitted

  • Concealed Carry Permits (Paperwork must be completed prior to arrival, visit our website for more information)
  • VIN Inspections
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • Civil Processes

**All citizens who are allowed into our building for the above mentioned MUST wear a mask (Not Provided) and must pass a health screening.  If you are displaying any symptoms of Covid-19 or other infectious diseases, we ask that you not come to our facility.  **

If you have additional questions call our office at 970-345-6865 or visit our website at  We would like to remind everyone that we are in this together, and we appreciate all the support from the community.  Thank you for your continued patience and we will update you as the situation changes.



Sheriff Jon Stivers & Staff


In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the Washington County Combined Courts has decided the following:
 We will allow counsel, parties, parents of juveniles, GALS, social workers, law enforcement, victims, victims’ advocates, probation staff, interpreters, and subpoenaed witnessed into the courtroom.
 Those that wish to wear protective gear such as surgical/face masks and/or gloves, or to carry surface sanitizing wipes or liquids may do so, consistent with courtroom security concerns.
 Access to the courtrooms by the general public is restricted at this time.
 A screening will be completed before entering the Court Lobby.
 If any individual has answered yes to the questions in the screening they will be asked for their name and phone number and asked to leave. The Clerk of Courts will be notified if this happens.
If there are any questions, contact the Washington County Combined Courts at (970) 345-2756.

As a result of public health preparations to prevent the spread of COVID-19, most services at the 13th Judicial District courthouses are closed for regular business.
To File:
 Petitions for temporary civil protection orders and permanent protection order hearings;
 Petitions for temporary emergency risk protection orders and hearings on emergency risk protection orders.
 Petitions for the appointment of an emergency guardian and/or special conservator;
 Jurors with a summons and instructions to report.
Parties to certain proceedings, to include attorneys, witnesses, victims, law enforcement and press:
 Parties appearing on today’s court dockets.
 Criminal proceedings that have not previously been continued;
 Crim.P.Rule 5 advisement for incarcerated persons and the initial setting of bail;
 Revocation hearings on complaints to revoke probation involving an incarcerated defendant;
 Proceedings necessary to protect the constitutional rights of criminal defendants including bond-related matters and plea agreements for incarcerated individuals;
 Detention hearings for juvenile delinquency cases;
 Shelter hearings in dependency and neglect cases or other juvenile proceedings;
 Hearings on motions to restrict parenting time and parental abduction prevention; and Emergency mental health proceedings.
 Note: Individuals who are not parties to a case set for hearing will NOT be permitted into the building.
If the aforementioned applies but you have been diagnosed with COVID-
19 or have been in contact with someone exposed to COVID-19 in the last
14 days follow the instructions below:
 Witnesses subpoenaed in a case, please contact the attorney or party issuing the subpoena
to explain the circumstances and discuss the options available.
 Jurors summoned to report for jury duty, please submit a postponement request as soon as
possible and we will reschedule your jury service.
To fulfill the court’s vital role in maintaining stability while both preserving constitutional rights
and ensuring the safety and welfare of the people of this community, the Washington County
Combined Court’s Clerk’s Office has implemented the following processes and procedures:
Filing Court Documents: All filings that do not meet the aforementioned criteria (Petitions
for temporary civil protection orders and permanent protection order hearings; Petitions for
temporary emergency risk protection orders and hearings on emergency risk protection
orders; Petitions for the appointment of an emergency guardian and/or special conservator)
can be scanned/e-mailed to
Payments: All payments of court fines/costs must be made online (
or mailed (check or money order only) to the Clerk’s Office. To facilitate effective social
distancing for our customers and staff, the Clerk’s Office will no longer accept payments at
our window. Mailing address: Washington Combined Court, PO Box 455, Akron CO 80720
Staffing: Effective today and until further notice, the Clerk’s Office will be operating at 50%
staffing, meaning there may only be one clerk working per day.
Information regarding our operating status will be posted on our website
If you have general questions regarding a case or matter, please use the contact information below.
 Court Information: Please all (970-345-2756) or e-mail ( court staff for inquiries relating to court filings, processes/procedures, case status, or court appearances
 Jurors: Information pertaining to jury service will be posted to our website ( Inquiries related to jury service can be directed to the Jury Commissioner at (970-345-2756 ext.1) or
 For Probationers: Call your Probation Officer directly, email your Probation Officer at or call the Probation Department at 970-526-
3900. Due to a high volume of calls and emails, please allow 24 hours for a response before contacting us again.
 Payment Plan or Payment Questions: Call 970-345-2756.


In light of the recent Coronavirus Outbreak, and concerns surrounding the Coronavirus, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office has decided that our office will be closed to the public in an effort to do our part in combating the virus, and following CDC guidelines.

No civilians will be allowed to enter the building, unless escorted by a staff member for work related purposes, such as reporting a crime. All deliveries will be left outside the front doors, and a staff member will come to the door to pick up the delivery.

Citizens needing to register or update sex offender registration need to call our office prior to arrival, so we can make appropriate arrangements to ensure an appropriate amount of time to complete all paperwork.

Citizens needing civil process paperwork service are also encouraged to contact our office by telephone to see appropriate ways of handling such paperwork, and our requirements. We will be accepting mailed, faxed, or emailed paperwork, as long as appropriate payment is received as well.

We are suspending services such as vehicle unlocks, VIN Inspections, civil standbys (Unless court ordered), Concealed Carry Applications/renewal, and public fingerprinting until further notice.

We are encouraging Washington County citizens to call us through our dispatch phone number, 970-345-2244 in lieu of coming to our office. However if you come to our office you will need to utilize the “After hours” call box located on the east wall by the front doors, for assistance.

It is our hope that the public understands that this policy is an effort on our part to combat the concerns around this virus, while still providing public safety to our community. We will still be patrolling, responding to calls, and investigating crimes within the county during this time.

Since this situation is evolving rapidly this policy will be evaluated continuously and modified as needed.

It is our hope that in the near future we will be able to return to normal operating procedures, and allow the general public back into our building. In the meantime please feel free to reach out to us with questions, comments, or concerns.

It is our understanding that the Washington County Combined Courts will continue with normal operating hours during this time. If you have questions for the courts please contact them at 970-345-2756.


Sheriff Jon Stivers


Notice Regarding COVID-19 (the “Novel Coronavirus”) and Court Operations:

The courts and probation department provide important and essential services to the public and we will endeavor to maintain normal operations to the fullest extent possible. We understand there is concern about COVID-19 and the 13th Judicial District is requesting that you PLEASE NOT COME TO THE COURTHOUSE, PROBATION, OR PRETRIAL SERVICES if: (1) you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (“Novel Coronavirus”) and you have not received a subsequent test confirming that you are currently virus-free; (2) you have been in direct contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 within the past fourteen days; (3) you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any other respiratory illness symptoms. If any of these three criteria apply, please call the clerk’s office at (970) 345-2756 to reschedule your court date or request to appear by telephone if you are not represented by an attorney, or contact your attorney to file a request for a continuance or a telephone appearance. If you are subpoenaed as a witness in a case, please contact the attorney or party issuing the subpoena to explain the circumstances and discuss the options available.  If you are summoned to report for jury duty, please contact the jury commissioner at (970) 345-2756 to reschedule your jury service.  Please call to reschedule appointments with the probation department (970-345-6847), collections (970-526-3966).  Updates on court operations will be posted at (  

Until further notice, the court will permit persons to wear surgical masks and gloves in court and probation buildings if they so desire. Persons may also bring small plastic containers of hand sanitizer into court and probation buildings.  

High Speed Chase

On January 2, 2020, at approximately 8:00 a.m., multiple local law enforcement agencies were involved in a high speed pursuit across Yuma and Washington Counties involving a stolen 2019 Ram pickup out of Wray. This pursuit ended east of Otis due to the high speeds and reckless driving actions of the driver of the stolen pickup.
At approximately 8:15, it was reported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office that the stolen vehicle was seen being parked behind Davis Bros gas station in Akron, and one (1) male party exited the vehicle heading east on foot. A description of the male party was given to our office, and an adult male identified as Uriel Ureno-Garcia was placed into custody at approximately 4th and Fir St in Akron, in connection with the pursuit. Our deputies then located the stolen pickup, abandoned, on the north side of Davis Bros. The stolen pickup was displaying fictitious plates and deputies also discovered stolen temporary tags inside the pickup. The stolen vehicle was later turned over to the owner.
At approximately 9:45, we received a report of two stolen vehicles in Akron. Deputies began traveling east on Hwy 34, eventually spotting vehicles matching the description of the stolen ones. Contact was made with Brush PD and Morgan County to assist in stopping the vehicles. Another pursuit occurred including both of the additional stolen vehicles and continued westbound on Highway 34 into Brush and then continued onto westbound Interstate 76. Units involved in that pursuit included Colorado State Patrol, Washington County Sheriff, Fort Morgan Police Department & Morgan County Sheriff’s Office. Colorado State Patrol successfully deployed tire deflation devices on westbound Interstate 76 at approximately MP 82 and disabled one of the two stolen vehicles. The adult female that was driving the disabled stolen vehicle was promptly arrested. The female was identified as Lucinda Garcia-Mata. Garcia-Mata was taken to Morgan County Jail and then transported to The Washington County Justice Center. Lucinda Garcia-Mata was booked in on charges of 2nd Degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, driving under revocation, possession of schedule 2 controlled substance, speeding 25-39 over posted speed, vehicular eluding and reckless driving. Garcia-Mata is being held pending advisement. The second stolen vehicle continued westbound on Interstate 76 and the pursuit of the second stolen vehicle was discontinued near Wiggins due to safety concerns.
Ureno-Garcia was later released by Colorado State Patrol as he was not considered a suspect in the case. This case is still currently under investigation. All residents are highly encouraged to keep their vehicles locked.

Drone Information

Today Sheriff Stivers along with local, state, and federal agencies attended a meeting regarding the recent drone activity. During this meeting a lot of information was shared, but it is still unknown who is operating the drones and why. The Washington County Sheriff’s Office will be a part of an organized task force to investigate the drone sightings, trying to find out who is operating them and for what reason.
We ask that you report any drone or suspicious activity that might be in your area to our dispatch line at 970-345-2244 so we can look into it immediately. Please do not report drone sightings on our facebook page as they will not be immediately addressed.
This is an ongoing investigation, and we will update the public when we have further information.


Jon Stivers, Washington County Sheriff, is pleased to announce that Ashlynn Gillis is this year’s recipient of the County Sheriffs of Colorado, CSOC, scholarship award for Washington County.

This form will be coming out in the mail soon it is not a scam. This form is an attempt to get more people involved in County Sheriff’s of Colorado.


Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Press Release

March 18, 2019

On March 12, 2019 at about 4:41 p.m. Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Akron Volunteer Fire Department and Washington County Ambulance were dispatched to the Colorado Regional Airport in Akron on a plane crash. Upon arrival deputies observed a single engine prop plane upside down on the southwest portion of the airport a few hundred feet off the runway.  The pilot stated that he was on his first solo flight and when he came in for a landing a gust of wind lifted the plane off the ground and he was unable to keep the plane on the runway. The pilot was the only occupant in the plane and was later taken to the hospital with minor injuries. The FAA and NTSB were notified.

Washington County Sheriff’s Office
October 25, 2018
On August 21, 2018 a complaint was filed with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office regarding a possible sexual assault by Deputy Jon Hart. Due to the nature of the case and the involvement of a deputy of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Stivers contacted the District Attorney’s Office and requested they investigate the complaint. Deputy Hart was put on administrative leave on August 22, 2018 pending the investigation. On October 6, 2018, Jon Hart was let go from the Sheriff’s Office due to the findings of an internal investigation by the sheriff’s office, on other unrelated issues.
Jon Hart turned himself in to Logan County Sheriff’s Office on October 23, 2018 on a warrant for Sexual assault on a child/ position of trust and pattern of abuse Class 3 Felony, Sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust Class 4 Felony, and 1st Degree Official Misconduct Class 2 Misdemeanor.  Hart was advised on October 24, 2018 and was released on a $50,000 cosigned personal recognizance bond.
No further news releases will be disseminated from this office due to a gag order.

If you recieved this letter in the mail it is not a scam it is a letter that is coming from County Sheriff’s of Colorado.


Press Release
03/19/2021 through 03/26/2021
March 19, 2021
Deputies were dispatched to a family disturbance in the 800 block of E 1st in the Town of Akron. After further
investigation, Ronald Brown was arrested on 3 degree assault & child abuse. Brown was later released on a
$500.00 PR bond.
March 20, 2021
Deputies received a report of an animal neglect in Washington County. Deputies observed the dog’s
ribcage, spine and hips were visible through its coat of fur. Deputies told the party that the dog needed fed
more. Colorado Humane Society was contacted and assisted with the dog.
March 21, 2021
Deputies received a report of a dog at large in the Town of Akron. The dog was taken to the pound and the
owner, Dustan Ricker picked up the dog. Ricker was issued a ticket for dog at large 1st offense.
Deputies were dispatched to a hit and run on County Road 35 near County Road XX. Deputies were able to
track down the vehicle, due to the bumper and license plate that was left at the scene. Deputies cited Jesus
Alvarado-Valenzuela for failing to notify police of an accident.
Deputies received a report that an unknown person(s) had driven a vehicle across areas that had grass
planted at the Akron Pond. It appeared that multiple vehicles had caused the damage. Parties involved
agreed to repair the damage with the town.
March 22, 2021
Deputies received a report of a dog at large in the 500 block of E 8th in the Town of Akron. The dog was
taken to the pound. After five days the dog was adopted.
Deputies received a report of a missing person in the Town of Akron. The party was located and was okay.
Deputies received a report of a suspicious vehicle in the 35000 block of County Road AA. Deputies located
the vehicle and spoke with the driver. The driver stated that he got lost and was at the wrong house.
March 22, 2021-March 25, 2021
Deputies received several unemployment frauds in the Town of Akron, Town of Otis and Washington
County. Cases are under investigation.
March 23, 2021
Jennifer Keeney turned herself into the Washington County Justice Center on a warrant for failure to appear.
Keeney was later released on a $500.00 PR bond.
Deputies received a report of harassment in Washington County. Deputies spoke with the reporting party
and determined that the actions show by the suspect constituted harassment. Deputies warned the suspect
that any further attempts to contact the reporting party would be grounds for the suspect to be charged.
March 24, 2021
Deputies received a report of a suicidal party south of Akron. The party was located and was okay.
March 25, 2021
Deputies received a report of a dog at large at the Fairgrounds. The dog was returned to the owner, Alfredo
Penalber and he was issued a citation for dog at large 2nd offense.
Deputies received a report of a suicidal party in the Town of Akron. Deputies located the party and the party
was okay.
03/19/21 CHIONIO, SERGIO age 75 HWY 34 & CR KK.5
Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)
03/20/21 HANNIBAL, VICTOR age 37 1
Speeding (20-39 over posted speed)
03/20/21 GRAY, GUILIANNA age 43 HWY 34 & CO RD Y
Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)
03/20/21 SAWYER, JON age 68 1
Speeding (20-39 over posted speed)
03/21/21 MITCHELL, DONOVAN age 40 1
Speeding (20-39 over posted speed)
03/22/21 BRAXTON, TYRELL age 21 WCJC
03/25/21 NORMAN, DANIEL age 21 34000 BLK OF CO RD DD
Speeding (40 over posted speed) & reckless driving

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Press Release

March 3, 2018 @ approx. 11:30 a.m.

 Washington County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a grass fire in the southern part of Washington County

 On March 3, 2018 at about 11:30 a.m deputies were dispatched to a fire that started in the southern part of Washington County at CO RD 16 & CO RD R.  The fire quickly spread northwest to CO RD 21 & CO RD P due to gusty winds. Five fire departments battling the fire; Southwest Volunteer Fire Department, Akron Volunteer Fire Department, Brush Volunteer Fire Department, Cope Volunteer Fire Department and Otis Volunteer Fire Department. Several farmers with tractors and blades also responded to assist to make a perimeter around the fire to prevent it from spreading any further. Washington County Road and Bridge provided water trucks and also road graters. With the assistance of everyone that responded the fire was contained after several hours, a total of 4,300 acres burned; there were no structures lost and no injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.

Notice of Community meeting 17-01

Arteaga attempted murder
8-25 No Charges Against Man Accused of Killing Son
Goat press release 8-22-17
Press release homicide
Letter from sheriff

press release 1-31-17

Two tool boxes were found on Hwy 63 between mile marker 8 and 9 on January 27, 2017. We are looking for the owners. If you have more information regarding these boxes please contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 345-2244

To access previous press releases, select the link with the corresponding date needed to access the file.

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