Washington County Sheriff’s Office
October 25, 2018
On August 21, 2018 a complaint was filed with the Washington County Sheriff’s Office regarding a possible sexual assault by Deputy Jon Hart. Due to the nature of the case and the involvement of a deputy of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Sheriff Stivers contacted the District Attorney’s Office and requested they investigate the complaint. Deputy Hart was put on administrative leave on August 22, 2018 pending the investigation. On October 6, 2018, Jon Hart was let go from the Sheriff’s Office due to the findings of an internal investigation by the sheriff’s office, on other unrelated issues.
Jon Hart turned himself in to Logan County Sheriff’s Office on October 23, 2018 on a warrant for Sexual assault on a child/ position of trust and pattern of abuse Class 3 Felony, Sexual assault on a child by one in a position of trust Class 4 Felony, and 1st Degree Official Misconduct Class 2 Misdemeanor.  Hart was advised on October 24, 2018 and was released on a $50,000 cosigned personal recognizance bond.
No further news releases will be disseminated from this office due to a gag order.

If you recieved this letter in the mail it is not a scam it is a letter that is coming from County Sheriff’s of Colorado.

Press Release
12/07/18 through 12/14/18
07-Dec-18 Deputies received a report of a dog attacking another dog in the 00 block of Adams. Deputies spoke to all the witnesses and determined nothing criminal had occurred.
07-Dec-18 Deputies received a report of a possible identity theft and forgery at Davis Brothers. Case is under investigation.
07-Dec-18 Deputies received several complaints from the Town of Akron about an individual driving a four wheeler from his residence to the post office. The individual was contacted and given a verbal warning.
08-Dec-18 While patrolling in the Town of Akron, deputies observed an unoccupied vehicle next to the baseball fields at the Akron School. The driver arrived and had parked the vehicle while at an out of town sporting event.
08-Dec-18 Deputies received a report form an Akron resident that she believes that someone obtained credit using her personal identifying information between April and December 2018. Case is under investigation.
09-Dec-18 Deputies were dispatched to a call of a cat in a residence in the Town of Akron. Deputies took the cat to the pound and later contacted the vet due to the cat looking very sick. The cat was later euthanized due to its poor health.
12-Dec-18 A resident in the Town of Akron expressed concern about her neighbor’s bushes and trees encroaching onto her property. She also expressed concerns with regard to another neighbor’s unsightly vehicles being stored on his property. The bushes and trees were not in violation, and a fire had just occurred on the other property, it was suggested that she allow the neighbor to have an opportunity to clean up after the fire before addressing the issue. Subsequent research revealed the vehicles being stored on the property were not in violation.
13-Dec-18 Deputies received a report of a non injury accident at JD’s Quik Stop. A juvenile male was cited for careless driving.
13-Dec-18 Deputies received a report of a dissatisfied client was making repeated harassing and profanity laced telephone calls to the office staff and county officials. The suspect was contacted and cautioned to stop the behavior.
13-Dec-18 Deputies received a report of suspicious items in an abandoned residence. The matter is under investigation.
12/08/18 CULLOP, RAFE age 32 HYW 36 & MM 138 Speeding (10-19 over posted speed), drove vehicle while license under restraint & driver engaging in messaging while operating a vehicle
12/08/18 SALAS NEVAREZ, EDUARDO age 20 1ST & BIRCH Speeding (20-39 over posted speed)
12/08/18 THORNTON, FREDERICK age 36 1ST & ELM Dog at Large 3rd offense
12/08/18 JOHANSSON, ALISHA age 24 1ST & ELM Dog at Large 1st offense
12/09/18 SWAIN, ANDREW age 25 1ST & BIRCH Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)
12/09/18 ESTRADA MUNOZ, IGNACIO age 42 1ST & DADE Speeding (20-39 over posted speed)
12/10/18 WINKLER, STEVEN age 37 53000 BLOCK OF HWY 61 Violation of a bail bond
12/10/18 PERREAULT, JEANNETTE age 48 1ST & BIRCH Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)
12/12/18 REDD, CHARLES age 57 HWY 34 & CO RD U Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)
12/12/18 ORMESHER, CHARLES age 45 HWY 71 & MM 154 Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)
12/13/18 SCHMITZ, DAVID age 49 1ST & GILPIN Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)
12/13/18 RESER, KYLER age 31 1ST & DATE Speeding (10-19 over posted speed)

Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Press Release

March 3, 2018 @ approx. 11:30 a.m.

 Washington County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a grass fire in the southern part of Washington County

 On March 3, 2018 at about 11:30 a.m deputies were dispatched to a fire that started in the southern part of Washington County at CO RD 16 & CO RD R.  The fire quickly spread northwest to CO RD 21 & CO RD P due to gusty winds. Five fire departments battling the fire; Southwest Volunteer Fire Department, Akron Volunteer Fire Department, Brush Volunteer Fire Department, Cope Volunteer Fire Department and Otis Volunteer Fire Department. Several farmers with tractors and blades also responded to assist to make a perimeter around the fire to prevent it from spreading any further. Washington County Road and Bridge provided water trucks and also road graters. With the assistance of everyone that responded the fire was contained after several hours, a total of 4,300 acres burned; there were no structures lost and no injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.

Notice of Community meeting 17-01

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8-25 No Charges Against Man Accused of Killing Son
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press release 1-31-17

Two tool boxes were found on Hwy 63 between mile marker 8 and 9 on January 27, 2017. We are looking for the owners. If you have more information regarding these boxes please contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 345-2244

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