Notice of Community meeting 17-01
Arteaga attempted murder
8-25 No Charges Against Man Accused of Killing Son
Goat press release 8-22-17
Press release homicide
Letter from sheriff


Press Release 02/09/18 through 02/16/18

09-Feb-18 While in custody, Rosa Wilson was arrested on a warrant out of Arapahoe County District Court. Wilson is being held on a $50,000.00 bond.

09-Feb-18 Deputies were dispatched to a possible disturbance in the 28000 block of CO RD 3. Upon arrival it was determined that Zackary Kenney had struck his younger brother and shoved him down. The parents of the two boys did not wish to press charges.

11-Feb-18 While deputies were patrolling Akron they found Dolittle’s bar to be open and people still inside after hours. The people who were not employed by the business were told to leave.

12-Feb-18 Deputies were notified of a theft in the Messex area. Several power tools were taken. Case is under investigation. 12-Feb-18 Deputies responded to a vehicle accident in front of the Akron Post Office. After investigation, Ken Kimsey was issued a citation for limitations on backing.

12-Feb-18 Deputies received a report from Probations of a warrant on a juvenile client. The juvenile was arrested and transported to Platte Valley Youth Services.

12-Feb-18 Deputies were notified of a possible harassment in the Town of Akron. After investigation, it was determined that the harassment was between a group of juveniles. Case is under investigation.

13-Feb-18 Deputies issued a notice of a code violation in the Town of Akron.

14-Feb-18 Deputies arrested Ryan Holcomb on a warrant out of Logan County Court. Holcomb is being held on a no bond warrant pending advisement by a judge.

15-Feb-18 While in custody, Carlos Delfin was arrested on a warrant out of Adams County Court. Delfin is being held on a no bond warrant pending advisement by a judge.


02/12/18 CARPIO, LETICIA age 36 1 ST & MAIN Speeding (10-19 mph over posted speed)

02/10/18 MAGGARD, CHEYENNE age 29 300 BLOCK OF SPRUCE No insurance in possessionWASHINGTON COUNTY




press release 1-31-17

Two tool boxes were found on Hwy 63 between mile marker 8 and 9 on January 27, 2017. We are looking for the owners. If you have more information regarding these boxes please contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 345-2244

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