If you recieved this letter in the mail it is not a scam it is a letter that is coming from County Sheriff’s of Colorado.



The Washington County Sheriff’s Office is seeking applications for the position of Patrol Deputy and Investigator. Washington County offers a full benefit package to include health, dental, and vision insurance plus a retirement package. Applicants must be at least 21YOA and Colorado POST Certified. Applicants will need to complete a full background check and must possess a valid driver’s license. Salary DOE. If interested visit our webpage at www.washcountysheriff.com or stop by our office located at 26861 Hwy 34 Akron, CO 80720 to pick up an application.

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Press Release
07/27/18 through 08/03/18
27-Jul-18 Deputies contacted a vehicle on Hwy 34 west of Akron. Upon a routine records check it was
found that Darryl Coffelt had a warrant out of Adams County Court. Coffelt was arrested and later
transferred to Adams County.
30-Jul-18 Deputies were dispatched to a traffic accident in the Town of Otis between an RV and a
telephone pole. William Swets was cited for careless driving.
31-Jul-18 Deputies received a report of a vehicle trespassing and items stolen from a vehicle in the Town
of Otis. After further investigation, it was determined that a check book had been taken and at least one
check was written. Case is under investigation.
27-Jul-18 Deputies received a report from an Otis resident about a check that was delivered from FedEx.
The reporting party contacted the company and found that the check was a forgery. Case is under
28-Jul-18 While in custody, Frances Rodriguez was arrested on a warrant out of Jefferson County.
Rodriguez is being held on a $1,000.00 bond.
29-Jul-18 Deputies were dispatched to the 400 block of Elm to investigate possible shots fired. During
the course of the investigation, deputies made contact with a juvenile at the Akron Skate Park. Deputies
found the juvenile under the influence and in possession of drug paraphernalia. The juvenile was
transported to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office and was released to his parents. Charges are
pending. Case is under investigation.
30-Jul-18 Deputies responded to a residence north west of Anton for a dispute over a dog. The dog was
later returned to the owner.
31-Jul-18 Deputies were notified of a cat at large. The cat was taken to the pound and pictures were
placed on the Washington County Sheriff’s Facebook page to help locate the owner.
31-Jul-18 Deputies were notified of a male party sliding around corners on Grand Ave. Deputies
contacted Dalewood Clark and cited him for careless driving.
02-Aug-18 Deputies received a report of an Akron resident that had arrived at the East Morgan County
Hospital with a gunshot would. After further investigation it was determined that the gunshot wound was an
accidental shooting. No charges were filed.
07/27/18 BARCUS, JEREMIAH age 19 HWY 34 & MM 186
Speeding (10-19 mph over posted speed)
07/28/18 KLOBERDANZ, PATRICIA age 78 1
Speeding (10-19 mph over posted speed)
07/29/18 MARTINEZ, AYSHA age 20 HWY 63 & MM 46
Speeding (10-19 mph over posted speed)
08/02/18 SELL, SHANE age 46
st & DADE
Speeding (10
-19 mph over posted speed)
08/02/18 DITTON, DANIEL age 73
Disregarded stop sign at through street


Washington County Sheriff’s Office

Press Release

March 3, 2018 @ approx. 11:30 a.m.

 Washington County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to a grass fire in the southern part of Washington County

 On March 3, 2018 at about 11:30 a.m deputies were dispatched to a fire that started in the southern part of Washington County at CO RD 16 & CO RD R.  The fire quickly spread northwest to CO RD 21 & CO RD P due to gusty winds. Five fire departments battling the fire; Southwest Volunteer Fire Department, Akron Volunteer Fire Department, Brush Volunteer Fire Department, Cope Volunteer Fire Department and Otis Volunteer Fire Department. Several farmers with tractors and blades also responded to assist to make a perimeter around the fire to prevent it from spreading any further. Washington County Road and Bridge provided water trucks and also road graters. With the assistance of everyone that responded the fire was contained after several hours, a total of 4,300 acres burned; there were no structures lost and no injuries. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time.

Notice of Community meeting 17-01

Arteaga attempted murder
8-25 No Charges Against Man Accused of Killing Son
Goat press release 8-22-17
Press release homicide
Letter from sheriff


press release 1-31-17

Two tool boxes were found on Hwy 63 between mile marker 8 and 9 on January 27, 2017. We are looking for the owners. If you have more information regarding these boxes please contact the Washington County Sheriff’s Office at (970) 345-2244

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